The Knowlton Players are pleased to be hosting a voice workshop with Alexander Technique teacher, Trish Baillie. The workshop will take place on Saturday June 16th from 10 am to 1:00 pm, upstairs in the Old Court House, 15 St. Paul Road, Knowlton. The interactive workshop will explore how body/mind tensions can affect the voice: it will explore releasing the breath, improving breath support, awareness and presence, and explore how the breath supports the voice releasing into speech. The Alexander Technique is very useful for actors but is also a valuable tool for anyone that uses their voice regularly for work or for speaking in public.

You are invited to bring along a short text or song of your choice to work on. You should also wear comfortable clothing and if possible bring along a couple of blankets or a yoga mat and something like a pillow to support your head. Yes, we will be lying on the floor. Refreshments will be provided. Space is limited so please confirm your presence by calling Brome Lake Books at 450-242-2242 or by emailing Knowlton Players @  The workshop is free for Knowlton Players members* and $15 for nonmembers (*paid membership 2017-2018).

Trish Baillie works freelance as a teacher and private coach of Voice and the Alexander Technique. She trained at The Central School of Speech and Drama in London, UK.

“One of the wonderful and tantalizing things about the Alexander Technique is that it doesn’t really involve doing anything. You could say that it involves undoing but even that wouldn’t be quite accurate. F Matthias Alexander created his technique, which is now taught and practiced all over the world, especially by actors and musicians, by observing himself – he was trying to find out why his voice (on which he depended for a living) lost strength when he stepped onstage. Having consulted doctors who repeatedly said there was nothing physically wrong with him, he decided something more radical was required: he set up some mirrors and began, very carefully and slowly, to watch how – as we might say – he held himself.”

Why Alexander truly is great by Harry Eyres published: The Times November 15, 200
Hope to see you there!

Knowlton Players