Knowlton Players

The Knowlton Players are pleased to announce their upcoming production of Who’s in Bed with the Butler by Michael Parker. Directed by Danny McAuley, the show dates are May 28 -31, 2020. We are looking for 6 women and 3 men for this fast-paced comedy. Auditions are March 1st & 2nd starting at 6:00 p.m. at Brome Lake Books, 45 Lakeside road, Knowlton. For information call 450-243-4211 or email:

More detailed information:
Synopsis of the play: A California billionaire has bequeathed all of his assets to his only daughter, Constance – except the $22 million yacht he wanted Josephine to have, a $25 million art collection left to Renee, and some priceless antique automobiles willed to Marjorie. Constance arrives at her father’s mansion with her lawyer, determined to find out who these women are and to buy them off or contest the will. The butler seems to hold the key, and she learns from him that the three sultry ladies were her father’s lovers.

Rolls for 6 women and three 3 men

House Keeper – ‘getting up there’ in age. Funny with a big heart and a stubborn streak. (small part)
Butler– Suave, clever and likable rogue. (Big part)
Susie– an actress hired by the butler to play his wife. Bright perky, quick witted and clever. (Big part)
Constance – Daughter of the billionaire. Sever, dowdy, business like yet finally kind and tender. (Medium sized part)
Roy Vance – Lawyer to Constance. Scheming, untrustworthy, greedy and malicious. (Medium sized part)
William Davis – private detective hired by Roy Vance. Sympathetic, funny a natural clown. Very physical roll even though he is unconscious half the time. (Medium sized part)
Josephine – British in accent, manner and bearing. Pretty, sophisticated and well educated. (Medium sized part)
Renee - A Parisian beauty. Sexy, seductive and determined to the end (Medium sized part)
Marjorie – A California girl through and through. Athletic, outgoing and calculating. (small part)
Production crew

We are also looking for a backstage person/stage manager who will coordinate several off-stage crashes, wardrobe changes and prop set up.
We could also use some help with painting and set building.
There is no need to prepare anything for auditions. We will be passing out little scenes for people to read.

Rehearsals will take place in the United Church basement in Knowlton.
Tentative days for rehearsals (depending on people’s schedules) are Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7:00 – 9:00 and Sunday afternoons 2:00 – 5:00. We will start with two days a week and then move to three days. Production week will be all of Sunday afternoon and every evening.
Rehearsals will start the week of March 9th.
Production Week May 24 – 27
Show dates are May 28, 29, and 30 at 8:00 pm and May 31 at 2:00 at Theatre Lac Brome