Love Those Genes

written by Roger de la Mare and directed by Stephen Paglia

Location: The Knowlton Pub (Upstairs)

Show dates: 

Friday, February 15th @ 7pm
Saturday, February 16th @ 7pm

Friday, February 22nd @ 7pm
Saturday, February 23rd @ 7pm

Friday, March 1st @ 7pm
Saturday, March 2nd @ 7pm

Have you received your DNA analysis?

Have you uncovered your ethnic origins and discovered new relatives?

Do you really want to know if there were black sheep in your family?

Join us for a musical journey into the comical search for unknown ancestors and their questionable pasts.  Come along as Katie and her grandma search the family album for interesting heroes from the past and decide whether they want them revealed in their future.

Tickets are $46.00 and include meal and show and can be reserved by calling Diane at 450-931-0603 beginning January 28th after 2pm.